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08/10/2010:  33 Direct Mail Marketing Tips


If you want your direct mail marketing campaign to rock, you wholesale nba jerseys have to make it great! Here are 33 of our favorite direct marketing tips to get the most out of your campaign.

  1. Give a free gift to increase response
  2. Use short copy to encourage the reader to cheap nfl jerseys read further or respond
  3. List your website on your postcard mailer, and direct recipients to wholesale jerseys your site for more information
  4. Make your offer easy to understand and respond to
  5. Use graphics and color to support the message and text
  6. Offer a free trial period to eliminate risk
  7. Hire a professional copywriter for your content
  8. Promise benefits that you can deliver
  9. Give many reasons to buy
  10. Include postage-paid return cards or envelopes when applicable
  11. Personalize as much as you can
  12. Keep track of Direct target recipients, replies and follow-up
  13. Keep paragraphs short
  14. Break up long copy with graphics or white space
  15. Keep the sales pitch positive and highlight the benefits
  16. Include a call to action; tell your wholesale nfl jerseys readers exactly what you want them to do
  17. Offer Updated a discount Great for a quick response and order
  18. Make it easy to purchase
  19. Use typestyles that are easy to read, and use one consistently
  20. Have a call to action at the beginning, middle and end of your wholesale mlb jerseys copy
  21. Use free information, free samples and a free demonstration Splash as a marketing hook
  22. Use bullet is points and small segments of information
  23. Put in a photo of yourself or an associate to personalize it
  24. Make promises and keep promises
  25. Include case studies, success stories and testimonials
  26. Test your list and use “Address Correction Requested” to clean your list
  27. Put yourself on all mailing lists as SA3D a seed recipient
  28. Test different copy, headlines and offers
  29. Measure results and calculate Return on Mailing (ROM) dollars
  30. Mail frequently to a smaller subset of your list
  31. Use color
  32. Print in large quantities to take advantage of cheaper printing prices
  33. Tie other marketing to your mailings


Visit Splash to view our entire list of direct mail marketing tips and increase Billion-A-Year the success of your marketing campaign!

About MaKenzie Wangsness
MaKenzie Wangsness

MaKenzie is Bluewater's Digital Marketing Manager. Spending several years in sales and marketing roles at a local franchise level, MaKenzie has a unique appreciation for bringing big brand power to the local level. In her spare time, MaKenzie can be found near good food (in Minneapolis restaurants or her own kitchen!) or spending time with her awesome husband and baby daughter Jovi.

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