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12/07/2010:  E-mail Marketing: Get Recipients to Open Your Message


You know yourself that you don’t open every single message that shows up in your inbox.  So, when you launch an e-mail marketing campaign, how can you prevent your e messages from becoming just another annoyance that gets checked for the “deleted” folder? (Or worse yet, straight to the spam folder) Here are some tips to keep your E-mail  marketing messages in those inboxes and in front of the eyes of your most valued targets.

Alert Your Customers to Build Your List
A great way to kick-start your e-mail marketing campaign is to let your current customers know that you’re planning to start contacting them via e-mail.  Many businesses refer to their e-mail communications as “e-newsletters” to ensure customers that they won’t be spammed, but are rather receiving useful information that they want to receive.  If you can get your customers to opt in before you just start sending them messages, your communications will be better received.  When you do this, let your customers know exactly what kind of information they can expect, and how often they’ll receive messages.  The frequency of messages is up to you, as e-mail communications are unique to different industries, products and services.  Some companies may send out a monthly newsletter, while others find it necessary to send daily updates that are applicable to specific services.

Messages Should Come “From” You

If you use a service to distribute your e-mail, make sure they use your name.  If a customer sees an unfamiliar name in their inbox, they’re unlikely to make the connection that the communication is coming from you, even if they have already opted in to receive your messages.  Use an e-mail client that can be customized so that your e-mails bear your company’s name, in addition to boasting branded themes with your company’s logo, color, and other connecting attributes.

Use a Compelling Subject Line
Even the most loyal followers of your e-mail newsletter or marketing materials will choose to delete your message if the subject line indicates a topic that they might not be interested in.  Make sure your subject line captures the interest of your audience by highlighting a topic of high interest, asking a thought provoking question, or spotlighting a great offer or discount that your company is running.  Make it interesting every time is a challenge, but you’ll find your open, click-thru, and response rates will flourish if you do!

What have you done to make your e-mail marketing more interesting?

About MaKenzie Wangsness
MaKenzie Wangsness

MaKenzie is Bluewater’s Digital Marketing Manager. Spending several years in sales and marketing roles at a local franchise level, MaKenzie has a unique appreciation for bringing big brand power to the local level. In her spare time, MaKenzie can be found near good food (in Minneapolis restaurants or her own kitchen!) or spending time with her awesome husband and baby daughter Jovi.

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