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09/24/2012:  What? I Cant Wear Jeans to School?


Hired as an intern after just finishing my freshman year at UW-Madison, I had little experience in the marketing world.

Now, starting my sophomore year as an official Wisconsin School of Business marketing student, I’m anxious to see how my internship will pay off (and also a little disappointed that I now have to dress all ‘business-y’ when I go to class).

Recently, I had my first ever Marketing 300 lecture and was shocked by how much I already knew.

Simple things like vocabulary and short-handed jargon were explained in great detail by the professor to the whole lecture hall. I had to stop myself from smiling during class because I knew exactly what was going through my classmates’ heads…”What in the world is he talking about?”

It brought me back to my first few weeks at Bluewater, when marketing terms and strange words like “White Paper” and “CRM” were thrown at me left and right. Now, these words are as much a part of my vocabulary as they are for my Bluewater team members who regularly spoke them.

I’m predicting this will be just one story I chuckle over. I can’t wait to use the experiences Bluewater has given me and apply them in my classes for the next 3 years. Who knows – maybe I’ll have to write a paper on ‘Zors and ‘Zees one day!

What real-life marketing experiences have you drawn upon recently?

About MaKenzie Wangsness
MaKenzie Wangsness

MaKenzie is Bluewater's Digital Marketing Manager. Spending several years in sales and marketing roles at a local franchise level, MaKenzie has a unique appreciation for bringing big brand power to the local level. In her spare time, MaKenzie can be found near good food (in Minneapolis restaurants or her own kitchen!) or spending time with her awesome husband and baby daughter Jovi.

  • Posted By Harry, September 24, 2012

    What does mean by ‘Zors’ and ‘Zees’ ? I cannot find their meaning in Google.

  • Posted By Kelli Burrows, September 24, 2012

    A zor is a shortened term for Franchisor. A zee refers to a Franchisee. Keeping me on top of my game, Harry!

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