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11/20/2012:  The Scoop on Social Media [Infographic]


As you read this, let me guess…you have a Facebook tab open on your computer, you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed — or you might just be updating your profile on LinkedIn. Am I right? If you’re like the 41% of other Facebook users, you access the addicting site at least once a day!

Check out The Scoop on Social Media infographic below to discover fascinating facts, such as… What gender prefers which site? Who has more followers, Twitter or Facebook? And finally, which social site 1 in 3 marketers have generated leads from!

Does your company use social media? What have you found that works successfully?



About Kelli Burrows
Kelli Burrows

Kelli is a Marketing Specialist Intern for Bluewater. She is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin - Madison (Go Badgers!) and studying Marketing and Supply Chain at the Wisconsin School of Business. Kelli enjoys playing tennis, photography and yoga as well as boating, skiing and swimming in Minnesota's 10,000 lakes.

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