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01/08/2013:  What SHOULD Be Your Biggest Marketing Resolution


Have you made your marketing resolutions for 2013?

If you’re weighing your options on which improvements will make the most positive impact, Bonnie Harris of Wax Marketing* has the answer. She explains:

“Your biggest marketing resolution for 2013 shouldn’t have anything to do with sales, or social media or content marketing. Your biggest marketing resolution for 2013 should be stellar customer service. It takes a lot of money to get a new customer, but not a lot to keep them.”

Here are Bonnie’s top recommendations to make sure that customer service and marketing are working together well in 2013:

•    Make sure the back-end always knows what marketing is doing.
Don’t EVER let an operations person stand in the way of marketing communicating with the operations folks. It’s essential for the campaign to work.

•    Stay positive when negative reviews arise.
Social media makes it easy for customers to complain. Business people need to see this as an opportunity to provide stellar customer service in full view of the public.

•    Invest in customer service training for your folks.
Train your team so they know how to make customers feel valued.

•    Use your marketers to help craft internal communications.
You’d be surprised how often employees feel like they “don’t know what’s going on.” This is just plain BAD. You have experts in communications available to you. Have them help you draft emails or newsletters internally so they read well.

In summary, you can’t keep marketing in a silo anymore. I’m told all the time that I “do much more than marketers usually do.” This isn’t true. With the advent of content marketing and social media, marketers are becoming much more integrated in the operation. Make stellar customer service your biggest marketing resolution for 2013

*Bonnie Harris is an entrepreneur, an experienced marketing professional, and a content contributor and partner held in high regard by Bluewater. Visit the Wax Marketing website to view the original post and get more great marketing insights from Bonnie!

About Bonnie Harris
Bonnie Harris

Bonnie Harris, founder of Wax Marketing, is an integrated marketing communications (IMC) expert with a unique skill set that includes more than 20 years of experience with both traditional and digital media. Bonnie is an adjunct professor for the Reed College of Media IMC graduate program at West Virginia University and teaches IMC for the Public Relations Society of America.

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