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01/22/2013:  My First Week as a Bluewater Graphic Design Intern


Hi, I’m Madelin, the newest intern here in the Bluewater office.

I came to find Bluewater when I met Kristy Krueger at an AdFed Event in September of this year, where we shared a table. Kristy, according to her profile on the Bluewater People page, is a “Marketing Ninja.” (In case you were wondering, this is code for Director of Marketing.)

We ended up talking, and I shared that I was a photographer with a strong interest in graphic design. This sparked her interest and we agreed to keep in touch after I explained that I was in the process of looking for an internship before I graduate this spring.

Today, here I am, part of the creative team as a Graphic Design and Photography Intern.

I’m already so much in my first month, like:
•  Navigating Prezi (a great alternative to PowerPoint) and incorporating my creative design talents
•  Designing new business card options
•  Learning about Bluewater, our competition — and what makes us different
•  Creating  images for new pages on the Bluewater website. (Coming soon!)

My first week here also happened to be Bluewater Holiday Week. There were ugly sweaters, a ping pong tournament and  a potluck with Secret Santa gifts. We also were treated to massages as part of the holiday week. It was a really fun week, a great introduction to the company. Here are a few images I captured in my first week. If you want to stay updated on my future Bluewater photos, keep an eye on the Bluewater Facebook Page!

About MaKenzie Wangsness
MaKenzie Wangsness

MaKenzie is Bluewater's Digital Marketing Manager. Spending several years in sales and marketing roles at a local franchise level, MaKenzie has a unique appreciation for bringing big brand power to the local level. In her spare time, MaKenzie can be found near good food (in Minneapolis restaurants or her own kitchen!) or spending time with her awesome husband and baby daughter Jovi.

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