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07/19/2016:  Bluewater Blog Series: Conculsion on Data


dataAs you’ve learned over the course of this blog series, it is crucial to utilize your data. In doing so, you can create creative and layered marketing strategies around your customers and how they interact with your brand.

Whether extracting data from a POS system, data form, or landing page, it’s crucial to make sure you are leveraging this data for the best possible ROI. Data should always flow to a single source as it will allow you to accurately identify opt outs and new customers. Additionally, it is important for compliance purposes and will help identify when a customer is losing interest in your brand or show what attracted a customer to your brand.

Utilizing creative materials within a particular audience segment, marketing channels that work best together, and finding customer gaps, are all essential to data. By combining these strategies, Bluewater is able to provide a higher ROI as well as increase the longevity of a customer.

With our proprietary technology, Bluewater is able to set up automated triggered campaigns that will engage your customer through different points in their buying cycle.

Let’s look at an auto body shop as an example.

Auto triggers are extremely helpful in reminding customers of routine maintenance on their cars. Let’s take a customer who just hit 30,000 miles on their car, an auto triggered campaign would be set to send an email or a direct mail piece to remind them it is time for an oil change. Additionally, setting up a timeframe auto trigger to reengage a lapsed customer is an effective way to drive sales.

Bluewater does this every day for our customers! Feel free to send us an email or give us a call and we can talk through what would be most effective for your brand.

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About Jim Robbins
Jim Robbins

Jim is Bluewater's Business Development Strategist. With a background in digital and print marketing, Jim analyzes and develops strategic marketing plans for major brands. Outside of work, Jim enjoys traveling and spending time enjoying the great state of Minnesota.

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