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07/12/2016:  Bluewater Blog Series: How to use loyalty data?


loyalty data

As discussed in the Bluewater blog series, data is critical for successful marketing. We can use data for acquisition campaigns but what about retention campaigns? How can brands integrate data into a retention campaign? Loyalty data programs, that’s how!  


In our last Bluewater blog series post, ‘How to integrate data,’ we discussed how to learn more about customers. By tagging landing pages correctly you can collect data and use it to run marketing campaigns. In part 4 of this series, we are going to discuss how to integrate a loyalty program using data.

For 61 percent of small businesses, over half of the annual revenue comes from repeat customers. As repeat customers are rewarded for their purchases, business’ sales increase. One of the most successful ways your company can run a marketing campaign is by running a loyalty data program.

“Customer data gives businesses, especially smaller ones, a great opportunity to reward customers with loyalty programs that pay attention to their specific purchase preferences,” said Tyler Roye, CEO and co-founder of eGifter. “[This can] include products purchased, channels viewed and purchased through, and even currencies used to purchase. Drilling down in those specific areas allows businesses to offer the most-enticing deals and programs for customers.”

Creating a loyalty program gives the opportunity to build trust and long-lasting relationships with customers. Additionally, it is a chance for businesses to drive revenue with 67 percent of repeat customers spending more on purchases compared to new customers.

loyalty dataWhen developing a loyalty program, use the data you collected to find out what interests your customers. By tracking the customer’s buying behavior and website behavior, you can gain in-depth knowledge on you customer. This data allows you to create a personalized loyalty program to increase customer engagement.

As you continue to collect data, it is essential to implement a customer loyalty program. Not only does a loyalty program allow you to thank your customer, but it allows you to increase your revenue. Marketers looking to build on successful strategies must not ignore their loyal customers.

Have you introduced a loyalty program to your customers? What pieces were the most successful? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @BluewaterBrand or like us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest things happening at Bluewater!

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