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04/11/2017:  How to Drive Franchisee Engagement


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Brand Challenge

Does your brand have franchisee performance inconsistencies? Do you find yourself with rogue franchisees? Are you curious about what channel works best to drive franchisee engagement?

Franchisee engagement - Capital OneFranchisees require dependable, consistent assistance to understand best marketing practices and tactics for their individual locations.

Bluewater’s Solution

Bluewater has been servicing the needs of individual franchisees for nearly two decades. Bluewater works 1:1 with franchisee locations to answer questions, add clarity and marketing expertise in an ever-evolving local landscape. We reach out on a regular basis to engage franchisees, simply by asking: ‘how can we help?’

  • Traditional & Digital: social integrated toolbox
  • Singular Platform: one log-in, one support number
  • Franchisor workload reduced

Learn more about Bluewater’s integrated solutions and field marketing support that drives franchisee engagement!

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About Chelsea Duke Miller
Chelsea Duke Miller

Chelsea is the Director of Marketing & Sales at Bluewater. Whether coordinating tradeshows or managing various projects, Chelsea plays a key role in a wide range of Bluewater initiatives. Outside of Bluewater, Chelsea loves walking her dog, Wrigley, cooking and spending summers on Lake Minnetonka.

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