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Hyperlocal Digital Marketing Drives Traffic to Jazzercise Franchise

  • 57% increase in average monthly traffic to franchisee's local site
  • 83% of leads came from Paid Search
  • 2 out of 3 site visits were new customers

See how the motivated owner of Jazzercise Chanhassen used local franchise marketing services from Bluewater to increase her digital presence and drive traffic to her location. Web traffic to her local site increased an average of 57% per month!

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"I've been a Gold subscriber with Bluewater since March 2015. I originally switched to Bluewater's local marketing platform due to inconsistencies with a previous email vendor. Now, with the easy-to-use templates from Bluewater, I can send consistent, appropriately timed email marketing to grow my business. After success with email, I started using both Paid Search and Facebook Ad campaigns with Bluewater and couldn’t believe how easy it was! I had never used PPC ads before because I felt I didn't have the knowledge; but Bluewater is in the business helping franchisees like me get maximum results, and that's exactly what happened, so I've been using PPC ever since. My business has increased every month this year, and my overall accumulation is up. I am definitely a happy Bluewater client!"

Elizabeth West, Franchisee Jazzercise

"I'm very impressed with the quality of service provided by Bluewater. My Facebook paid ads are more effectively targeted, and the paid search campaigns have really driven people to my local site. The Bluewater team has done an amazing job getting our local franchise marketing handled in a timely manner. Thank you Bluewater, for helping expand my reach in today's market, even in the midst of such tough industry competition! "

Kristina Courson, Franchisee Jazzercise

Integrated Marketing Sparks Millions of Customer Connections

  • Over 17.3 million customer connections each year
  • Average response rate of 20 - 30% on customer marketing campaigns
  • 90% of salons actively use Bluewater campaigns year-round

Great Clips, the world’s largest salon brand, looked to Bluewater to help build their 1:1 marketing platform as well as grow and support their over 3,600 locations.

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"For the past 15 years and 600-3800+ salons, Bluewater has grown with us in our direct marketing efforts and local franchisee success – evolving from collecting data via discs to API integration with our customer Data Mart. They work hand-in-hand with our data analysts to test programs to ensure we are providing the most effective direct marketing programs relevant to our customers while producing solid response rates. Bluewater has been a tremendous help to our individual franchisees, strategically supporting and training them on an individual level. Whether you are looking for individual attention on your direct marketing campaigns or market wide programs – Bluewater can scale to fit your needs and offer clients a very service focused approach while keeping your brand strong."

Terri Miller, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Great Clips

"I love Bluewater. I’m running Customer Retention for all 10 of my salons. Why wouldn’t I? They’re great!"

Dave Hands, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner Great Clips

"I have used most of the marketing services available for our salons through Bluewater, and I’d highly recommend incorporating them in your marketing plan."

Tim Muetzel , Multi-Unit Franchise Owner Great Clips

Integrated Grand Opening Campaign Outperforms Digital Marketing Averages

  • For every marketing dollar spent, they gained $4 back
  • Over 80 calls in 90 days and half of those calls led to in-person meetings
  • 50x higher conversion rate from Facebook Ads than the average conversion rate

See why the savvy owner of Salons by JC of Riverdale Village used hyper-targeted digital marketing campaigns from Bluewater to drive leads for his franchise Grand Opening. He beat the average Facebook conversion rate by 50 times!

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"My PPC campaigns through Bluewater have generated over 23% of all my leads -- that's twice as many as any other single marketing initiative. They've really provided the marketing support I need to grow my franchise location, so I consider them a trusted partner. "

Jim Murphy, Franchise Owner Salons by JC

"I truly believe our Facebook Ad campaigns with Bluewater have boosted our online presence. During a typical "slow season" for our industry, we've had noticeable improvement in traffic. When I ask leads how they've heard of us, they say Facebook or the Web. I hope this information helps other franchisees grow their salons!"

Mindy Ratfliff, Franchise Owner Salons by JC

"As an emerging franchise brand, Salons by JC is constantly evolving to accelerate growth, and we’ve been successful in doing so largely due to Bluewater’s support and insight. We’ve been in change mode, and Bluewater has been supportive to us through every one of those changes. They’ve assisted with setting our franchise brand standards while acting as a guide to our franchisees and helping them grow. Having Bluewater as our liaison has been huge; they are a prompt, dependable partner that always strives to do right by our franchisees."

Kelli Becker, Dir. of Operations/Marketing Salons by JC

Smart Local Marketing Drives Huge Grand Opening Success

  • 30% more total invoice revenue during grand opening period
  • 19.4% higher average invoice amount than 3 other stores that opened at the same
  • 1.3 x more invoices per day after all marketing was in place

See why the owner of Meineke of Burnsville used Bluewater’s local marketing services to boost his Grand Opening. His location outperformed 3 other shops that opened at the same time.

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"Bluewater is a valued partner who has helped us strengthen our CRM program while developing new customer campaigns. Our franchisees know they can depend on Bluewater for real local marketing support."

Beth Stephenson, Director of Marketing Meineke

"Working with Bluewater has been a pleasure! All of the reporting is accurate and their team understands my needs and goes above and beyond to get the job done right and the first time."

Ryan Tracy, Franchisee Owner Meineke

"This is an evolving aspect of our business, and the data Bluewater provides is extremely useful. Thanks for your helpful cooperation and support. "

Ron Michalak, Franchisee Owner Meineke

#1 Pet Care Company in America Looks to Bluewater for Outstanding Campaign Management

  • Greater Efficiency & Reduction in Postage Costs
  • Flawless Campaign Management
  • Trusted Marketing Partner for Over 17 Years

Nestlé Purina is the leading pet care company in the United States in sales, volume and market share. Since 1998 Bluewater has delivered Nestlé Purina's national marketing promotions with exceptional precision and service to help grow their customer connections.

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"It’s a partnership; we have each others’ backs. Bluewater will always be honest with us. We love working with them."

Margaret Gurgol, Director CheckMark Communications, a division of Nestlé Purina Petcare Company

"Bluewater has always been excellent at seeing potential problems, and finding real solutions. Even large scale, one to one marketing campaigns with the most unique of requirements were not only met head-on, but embraced by the team that just wants to find real, effective solutions for their clients."

Ed Brekel, Targeted Promotion Manager Nestlé Purina Petcare Company

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