Who is Bluewater?

Who is Bluewater?

We are human. We are real. And people really like working with us.

Call it a Minnesota thing, or call it just being a good partner. We have a real connection with our clients and in turn, we help our clients develop real connections with their consumers with personalized, hyper-localized franchise marketing campaigns that drive traffic and dollars.

Our clients will tell you that we put them first every time. When you call Bluewater, you get a live person (not a marketing robot) ready to help you design your next successful 1:1 franchise marketing program.

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What Does Bluewater Do?

What Does Bluewater Do?

We grow franchises. We create personalized, hyper-local campaigns that get the right message to the right person at the right time using the right marketing channels. We call that 1:1 marketing. Whether you’re at the corporate office or the local store, we are the 1:1 marketing experts that grow your brand with smarter franchise marketing.

What makes us different from other marketing agencies or marketing automation companies? We focus on franchises, and we have been for over 15 years now. Bluewater combines 1:1 marketing strategy with local marketing automation to grow your franchise. We go far beyond marketing automation to ensure that you have the right insights and the right technology to keep your brand relevant and your customers coming back again and again.

What’s Our Story?

1998. That’s the year Christine Kropp founded Bluewater with a little push from her dad…

“You’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did.” Those are the words on the one-a-day calendar Christine’s dad framed for her shortly before she set out on her own to start Bluewater. To this day, Christine keeps that framed quote in her office.

Since the day Bluewater was founded we haven’t looked back. We’ve grown quickly, transforming into a leading 1:1 franchise marketing agency for national brands. The firm’s growth is fueled by Christine Kropp’s dedication to putting clients first. Today, it’s part of our DNA. It has never changed and it never will.

Leading franchises trust Bluewater to grow their brand because they know we really understand their needs. Working with us means collaborating with genuine, smart people who will lead them into the future.

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