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Hi, We’re Bluewater

We work as a team to grow franchise brands with smart, proven 1:1 marketing programs. We’re a leading franchise marketing agency that delivers 1:1 marketing strategy and local marketing automation so our clients grow. And we have great clients like Great Clips, Jazzercise, Salons by JC, Sky Zone and more.

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Why work at Bluewater?

When you’re that smart, you want smart people around you. We get to be ourselves, and we get to do great work. What could be better than that?

We’re truly the experts in 1:1 marketing and the technology that makes it work. Our mission challenges us and drives us to be the best every single day. We’re fun. We’re smart. We like to win.
We’re Bluewater.

REAL: Connections

As our founder, Christine Kropp, says “We don’t need five VPs in a room to make a decision.”


We have wickedly smart people that are hard working, talented and fun. Our team is what makes Bluewater more than just a place to go to work – it’s a place to do great things.

REAL: Growth

Our promise to our clients is that we will grow their brand. And for our Bluewater team, we have the same goal:


We help our team members grow in their career, grow in their craft and grow as a person.

REAL: Strategy

We keep our eye on the bigger picture, so our clients always have a competitive edge. As a part of the Bluewater team, your insight matters to us and to our clients.


Here everyone has a voice and the opportunity to make an impact.

Bluewater Careers

Bluewater is on the search for passionate, team-oriented professionals to join our growing team.