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04/11/2017:  How to Drive Franchisee Engagement


Brand Challenge Does your brand have franchisee performance inconsistencies? Do you find yourself with rogue franchisees? Are you curious about what channel works best to drive franchisee engagement? Franchisees require dependable, consistent assistance to understand best marketing practices and tactics for    Read more…

07/19/2016:  Bluewater Blog Series: Conculsion on Data


As you’ve learned over the course of this blog series, it is crucial to utilize your data. In doing so, you can create creative and layered marketing strategies around your customers and how they interact with your brand. Whether extracting data from a    Read more…

07/12/2016:  Bluewater Blog Series: How to use loyalty data?


As discussed in the Bluewater blog series, data is critical for successful marketing. We can use data for acquisition campaigns but what about retention campaigns? How can brands integrate data into a retention campaign? Loyalty data programs, that’s how!     In    Read more…

07/05/2016:  Bluewater Blog Series: How to integrate data?


Everyone talks about data, why it’s good and what you should do with it. What about prospecting or acquisition campaigns? Can data be used for those? How can you integrate data and leverage that data to effectively market your brand? In    Read more…

06/28/2016:  Bluewater Blog Series: What is customer data?


In today’s world, business owners are always trying to find new strategic ways to acquire and retain their current customer. With so many different avenues to choose from, how does a business owner pick the correct one? It all starts    Read more…

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