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07/29/2014:  Click Baiting – Why it Needs to Stop


We’ve all seen headlines like: “This woman tried to save a child, what happened next will blow your mind” “These facts about your favorite food will change the way you look at life FOREVER” “What this kitten did with a    Read more…

07/25/2014:  This Week in Marketing – July 25


Welcome to another This Week in Marketing, brought to you by Madison, the newest Bluewater Intern! This week, we’re focusing on how the changes in family demographics cause ripples in advertising. Companies like General Mills have been changing what the traditional    Read more…

07/22/2014:  Franchise Grand Opening Success for Meineke of Burnsville – A Bluewater Case Study


One of my favorite parts about working with clients at Bluewater is that a seemingly run-of-the-mill job can always turn into something more. I had the privilege of working with Meineke owner BJ Johnson on his franchise grand opening of    Read more…

07/18/2014:  This Week in Marketing – July 17


It’s time for another edition of This Week in Marketing on the Bluewater Blog, brought to you once again by Intern Cory! This week, we’ll look at ESPN’s new ad featuring Rudy, advertising in Times Square, and Target’s damaged consumer    Read more…

07/15/2014:  Human to Human Marketing – The New Social Strategy


No more B2B. No more B2C. The new marketing strategy is “H2H” — or human to human marketing. As humans, it’s in our nature to respond to someone when we feel like they care, and applying this concept to your    Read more…