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04/15/2014:  Tweet Perfection – The Top Brands on Twitter


I’m a huge fan of Twitter. I’m of the opinion that Facebook is now completely overrated… it’s basically just a glorified photo storage site for me. Twitter is where I spend most of my free time: catching up on the    Read more…

04/11/2014:  This Week in Marketing – April 11


Hey everyone, This Week in Marketing is brought to you by Bluewater Marketing Intern, Dillon! This week we are going to take a look at David Beckham giving whisky a shot, Girl Scout Katie Francis’ impeccable business advice, and the crash    Read more…

04/10/2014:  How to Grow Your List with Email Appends – Part 1


Today, customer retention marketing for your business or franchise location is only as good as your customer database. Because multichannel marketing is the best strategy for farther reach, combining channels like direct mail, social media, and email have been proving    Read more…

04/07/2014:  Top Direct Mail Campaigns for Your Franchise


Did you know? Despite seeming a bit “old school,” direct mail is still one of the preferred 1:1 marketing channels for local businesses and franchise locations! It’s a great way to market to the people that live in your community    Read more…

04/04/2014:  This Week in Marketing – April 4


Hello, and welcome back to This Week in Marketing! Intern Beth is bringing you the latest this week in marketing, where we’ll take a look at an actor on bullying, a NASCAR commercial, and Taco Bell’s new breakfast. (Let’s be    Read more…

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