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11/25/2014:  3 Reasons to NOT Turn Off Your Holiday Marketing


‘Tis the season to spend… and if you’re thinking about skipping your holiday marketing this season to put some extra money toward that flashy new Christmas sweater, you may want to think twice! This week, Lindsay sat down with Craig    Read more…

11/21/2014:  This Week in Marketing — November 21st


Happy Friday everyone! This week in marketing, we’re highlighting Nike’s new winter campaign, Dave and Buster’s Twitter fiasco and how NFL fans are going more mobile than ever before. Nike: Choose Your Winter Isn’t winter supposed to come after Thanksgiving?    Read more…

11/20/2014:  6 Ways to Make Cause Marketing Easier for Your Franchise


There are lots of opportunities to give back through cause marketing throughout the year. Business owners, particularly franchisees, are often bombarded with requests from charities on a daily basis, especially during the holiday season.  These requests can range from asking    Read more…

11/18/2014:  6 Smart Strategies to Grow Your Franchise


Looking to grow your franchise in 2015? You’ve come to the right place! Don’t miss Bluewater’s newest franchise marketing webcast and eBook: “6 Smart Strategies to Grow Your Franchise!” Check out our sneak peek video below for more info! Here    Read more…

11/14/2014:  This Week in Marketing – November 14th


Happy Friday everyone! It’ s officially winter here in Minnesota, with our first snow storm of the year on Monday. Cheers to longer commutes, icy roads, UGG boots, negative temps and a long winter ahead. But more importantly it’s time    Read more…

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