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09/30/2014:  Top 3 GREAT Insights Sparked at the 2014 Great Clips Convention


Since I’ve been a member of the Great Clips account team at Bluewater for over 12 years, I was very excited to attend this year’s 2014 Great Clips Convention in downtown Minneapolis! Although normally I chat over the phone with    Read more…

09/26/2014:  This Week in Marketing – September 26th


This Week in Marketing highlights major changes in marketing due to advancements in technology, entertainment, and review websites. Learn how local SEO is constantly changing, watch a new VW Golf commercial produced by Funny or Die, and learn how the worst restaurant on Yelp is generating so    Read more…

09/23/2014:  Digital Marketing: 4 Trends from Top Franchises


Interested in learning the top digital secrets from leading franchises? Bluewater’s Director of 1:1 Digital Strategy, Craig Boyte explores the strategies behind successful digital marketing in our latest webcast: Digital Marketing – 4 Trends from Top Franchises. Here’s a sneak peak    Read more…

09/19/2014:  This Week in Marketing – September 19th


It’s Friday! That means it’s time for a summary of what happened this week in marketing! This week we will cover how Samsung is competing with Apple, Coke’s rerelease of SURGE soda and Pinterest’s new analytic tool. Imitation is the Highest    Read more…

09/16/2014:  Powerful Customer Marketing Sparks Great Clips Franchise Growth


The best part about my job here on the Bluewater Client Success team is the opportunity to learn and grow right alongside with our clients — like Great Clips, for example. We work with everyone from first-time Great Clips franchisees    Read more…

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