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09/12/2014:  This Week In Marketing – September 12th


Welcome to another edition of This Week in Marketing on the Bluewater Blog! This week, we’ll talk about McDonald’s test on a customizable burger station, a new widely accepted form of ads called “shockvertising,” and Nissan’s clever real-time tweet about the    Read more…

09/09/2014:  Top TED Talks Every Woman Must See


Normally I talk about marketing, but not today. Instead, let’s take a moment to learn from some amazing women — because sometimes we just need to take a break in our day to be inspired. Ted Talks, a collection of    Read more…

09/05/2014:  This Week in Marketing – September 5th


Welcome back to another edition of This Week in Marketing on the Bluewater Blog!  Today, let’s talk about Verizon’s blunder with big data, how the new Hyperlapse app is affecting brands, and a commercial that will make you look at cats differently.    Read more…

09/02/2014:  Bluewater Named One of Twin Cities Top Advertising Agencies


In a town where competition’s stiff, we’re pleased to announce that the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal has named us to their list of Twin Cities top advertising agencies! This yearly ranking of metro area agencies, AKA “The List,” is based    Read more…

08/29/2014:  This Week in Marketing – August 29th


Happy Friday, and welcome to Bluewater’s This Week in Marketing series, brought to you today by Intern Madison. This week, Facebook had yet another big algorithm update, so we’ll talk tips on adjusting your posts to make the most of    Read more…

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