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Fusion: Marketing Automation Platform

The marketing automation platform that combines mobile, web, email, social & smart mail for powerful local marketing.

Fusion is our multi-channel marketing technology that’s tailored to your brand. Our campaign management solution fuels promotions, through a variety of channels including paid search, social, display, direct mail and many others.

Fusion empowers each franchisee to market while maintaining your brand integrity while using proven prescriptive campaigns. This makes creating personalized multi-channel campaigns highly effective and simple.

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Fusion: Marketing Automation Platform
predictive display Artificial intelligence

Efficiency is essential when it comes to digital marketing. You are busy with an endless task list filled with budgets, creatives and audiences. But what if it was possible to automate them into one easy workflow? Let us introduce you to predictive display marketing. Predictive display using artificial intelligence can help save time and drive better performance through automating bidding, targeting and creatives. This machine learns over time to find leads at the right place at the right time automatically. Predictive Display cuts traditional display costs nearly in half while producing twice the leads.

Predictive display campaigns use a fine tuned combination of remarketing, display keywords, topics, placements, in-market audiences and similar audiences. Using machine learning to optimize, they look at unique data signals like performance history, creatives, website and remarketing lists and shift volumes based on successful conversions.

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data & analytics

Integrating your customer data into our marketing software allows you to communicate with your customers. Creating ongoing prescriptive campaigns that your franchisees can tap into and execute proven customer communication campaigns with ease is key to retaining, rewarding and reclaiming customers.   

Today’s customer expects you to communicate with them and data is the key to doing just that. It gives you the insight to create promotions that will invite your customer back again and again.

Obviously testing-and-learning is key to understanding what work.  Our team will test your campaigns and generate new ideas for continuous improvement.

We then use campaign analytics for campaign optimization, which gives you better response rates, more customer loyalty, and higher ROI.

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